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Becks is happy to be beside the seaside!

Rebecca Murdoch is treasurer and a trustee of the Fleetwood Trust. Following studying Taxation and Revenue Law at University, Becks took a year out to travel around Australia.  During her time there she met some amazing communities and realised that city living was not for her.  

She moved back to the North and since 2000 Becks has lived in Fleetwood, raising her family here. She became involved in Wyre’s local area forum chairing the Fleetwood Forum and being the focal point for the local chairs on the Wyre Strategic Partnership Board.  In June 2009 she became one of the inaugural councillors on the Fleetwood Town Council.  

Over the years she has worked at BAE and KPMG and has set up her own consulting business and mortgage brokers.

Becks and her family love the Fleetwood community and are invested in helping it grow, looking forward to the development of the former hospital as a seed for the Town's growth.


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