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Fleetwood's hospital building needed some TLC

When the Fleetwood Trust purchased the Town's hospital building two years ago, much of the property was in a sorry state. Although several NHS departments were still providing healthcare from the Pharos Street side, the majority of the site was unfit for occupation and had been empty for many years.

Within a few weeks work had begun on urgent repairs to the roof to prevent water ingress and further damage to the interior. This was an opportunity to install netting to deter the local birdlife and also solar panels onto the roof, taking advantage of a natural resource to improve the building's carbon footprint.

A programme of works saw 162 windows replaced with energy-efficient units which also gave the frontages a smarter, cleaner look. Some of the funding came from a 'sponsor a window' campaign and we take the opportunity to thank those who made a donation.

With the shell of the building now improved, a combined heating and power plant was installed, work delayed slightly by the COVID restrictions earlier in the year.

Walking around two years ago was a slightly sad experience, seeing the poor condition of the building and how much work needed to be done. Now, although it's still early days, the spaces seem to have new energy and potential for an exciting future.

Tomorrow we will update on how new facilities such as The Pantry are already making a huge impact on the lives of individuals in the community.


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