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Fleetwood's proud history of healthcare

Healthcare has been available to the Fleetwood community on the site of the hospital building since May 1895.

Today the NHS provision is based on the Pharos Street aspect, a self-contained community unit that serves residents from Wyre and surrounding areas. There is an outpatient department which houses seven consulting suites, one of which has been adapted for audiology. It also provides diagnostic radiology services on the site. More than ever this year, the dedicated and wonderful NHS staff deserve our thanks and admiration.

The vast majority of the space within the building hasn't been used by the NHS for over 10 years and we often refer to these areas as the 'former Fleetwood hospital'.

We purchased the whole site from Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in November 2018 and as part of our vision continue working in partnership with the NHS. Earlier in the year we also offered the use of the building to support a response to COVID-19.

The Fleetwood Trust is proud to be the owners and guardians of a building with a 125 years history of providing health care in the Town and we look forward to many, many more years to come.

- Please also see the History of Fleetwood Hospital page on Facebook for some fascinating images and heritage information.


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