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Our chair of trustees, Lord Tom McNally looks ahead

We've been marking the second anniversary of purchasing the Fleetwood hospital building with a series of updates and the news a planning application has been submitted for change of use to the ground floor spaces.

Chair of trustees, Lord Tom McNally, gives his thoughts on the work so far and what's next ...

"The COVID pandemic which has engulfed the world in 2020 has brought with it unprecedented challenges to the charitable and voluntary sector. Funding has, quite rightly, been directed to more immediate needs. Nevertheless, in the two years since the purchase of the old Fleetwood Hospital by the Fleetwood Trust, significant progress has been made in realising the objective of creating a multi-service community hub on the site.

Going forward there is still considerable work to be done and funds to be raised. Success will depend on fully involving the people of Fleetwood in the project so that it meets their needs and their hopes for the future. I am determined that that community engagement will be our number one priority as we emerge into the post-pandemic 'new normal'. Thank you for your support”.


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