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Planning application submitted for community spaces

Two years ago the Fleetwood Trust acquired the Town's largely vacant hospital building with the vision of creating something special for the community. As we've been updating this week a great deal of progress has been made and today we are delighted to announce another big step forward.

In partnership with The Prince's Foundation a planning application has now been submitted for the change of use for the ground floor spaces.

“The Fleetwood Trust and The Prince’s Foundation are working together in line with the principles and ethos of both charities, to refurbish and develop the building, bringing this large and visible Fleetwood asset back into public use. The aim of the project is to develop a suite of inter-connected uses which are served by and for the local community and which will provide much needed support services and facilities, ranging from spaces for work, creative arts, exercise, health and well-being, and all manner of associated services. It aims also to ensure the building's physical and financial sustainability as it begins to perform a vital role at the centre of this community and meet the current and future needs of local residents, the people of the wider Lancashire area and visitors alike.”

On this page are some visuals to give an impression of how the exterior and interior of the building may look when these areas are completed. The planning application is an essential part of the process to create the community hub but it’s very early days and a lot of work lies ahead.

As this most difficult of years draws to an end The Fleetwood Trust and our partners are looking to 2021 with positivity and excitement and we will keep you updated on our progress.


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