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Putting the 'art' into partnership

The Fleetwood Trust is working with a number of organisations to create a community hub at the former Fleetwood hospital building but it will take time to bring the many parts of the plan together.

That's why we also love to be involved in projects across Fleetwood and last week, just before the lockdown, we were able to support LeftCoast begin preparations for a new creative opportunity.

With thanks to Affinity Lancashire, some vacant units have been made available for community use and one will become the 'Inside Out' workshop ahead of an exhibition by residents in the New Year.

Kelly Garrick, our community engagement officer, helped Fleetwood based artist-in-residence Gillian Wood move some items of furniture and signage from the hospital building to the unit to be used in the workshops and exhibition.

Of course plans will be delayed during the lockdown but we look forward to sharing more news about this exciting project soon.


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