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A statement regarding the use of Fleetwood hospital during the COVID-19 emergency

The Fleetwood Trust has made the hospital building available to the NHS and other partners in the community.

Our chair Lord Tom McNally, says “We have approached Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre Clinical Commissioning Group to offer the building for the most appropriate use in the weeks and months ahead. The NHS is doing amazing work to keep us safe and well, and with all aspects of the emergency changing so rapidly we do not know how the building might be used but it is right to make the offer. We are in contact with the CCG and will work closely with them when the best option is clear. The Trust have also had discussions with the local authorities, agencies and community leaders to look at other options but again it’s important we agree the best for the longer term and to support as many residents as possible.”

Fellow trustee Dr Mark Spencer is working with his NHS colleagues from Mount View surgery, he said “The immediate thought might be to use the building as an operational hospital but the current condition of the interior may make this impractical. Plans to use the space within the existing Outpatients facility are already underway and in the meantime we can look at the options for the rest of the building. It’s important that we don’t speculate on what that might be yet until we know the most urgent requirement.”

Dr Ben Butler-Reid, clinical director for NHS Blackpool and NHS Fylde and Wyre CCGs, said: “As the situation develops we are considering all options to provide the most appropriate care to patients both with and without symptoms of COVID-19. We thank The Fleetwood Trust for their offer and we will keep Fleetwood Hospital in mind as we make decisions going forward.”

Lord McNally added, “Our long-term aim for the Fleetwood hospital building hasn’t changed. We will create a vibrant and sustainable hub to host much-needed services and support for the residents of Fleetwood. In ordinary times we would have been sharing our progress towards this but these are extraordinary times and The Fleetwood Trust will support the community to come through this together.”


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