The history of Fleetwood Hospital - 125 year anniversary

As the Fleetwood Trust looks to the future of the Town’s hospital as a vibrant community hub, the building is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year on 11th May. To mark the Centenary in 1995, a souvenir booklet was produced providing information on the early years ...

The very first facility, Fleetwood Cottage Hospital opened earlier, in October 1891 using a house on Queens Terrace donated on a temporary basis by Fleetwood-born Mr Hugh Colin Smith, who would later become the Governor of the Bank of England.

The population was fast approaching 10,000 so a provision of just 6 beds for patients together with accommodation for staff was soon being tested. A committee of medical practitioners within the area was formed and the generous Mr Smith donated the site on Pharos Street, valued at approximately £700, together with a further £300 towards the cost of the building.

The Foundation Stone was laid by the 16th Earl of Derby in 1894 and the hospital officially opened by Colonel Foster of Hornby on the 11th May, 1895.

One of the earliest images of the hospital can be seen on the Frith website at

In a forward-thinking move the Committee introduced a weekly contribution scheme for the Town’s workers of around 0.5% of their income so they would have access to health care. Along with donations from individuals and employers, the hospital was able to run in profit from opening until it passed to the National Health Service in 1948.

A major development in the early years was the opening of an operating theatre in 1903 described in an annual report as “furnished complete in every detail and capable of performing all surgical operations with the minimum of danger to the patient.”

An x-ray machine was installed in 1922 at a cost of £600, the Out-Patients service began in 1924 and around this time the house adjoining the property and the land to the rear on Bold Street were purchased, which allowed for subsequent expansion of the site.

This image is looking at the Pharos Street aspect of the hospital (left foreground), which we believe is c. 1920's.

... thanks to Sue and Maureen for the souvenir booklet.

We'll share a little more of the hospital's story as we approach the anniversary on the 11th May 2020. If it's sparked your interest go to History of Fleetwood Hospital page on Facebook.

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