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The Pantry is taking shape ...

Work is progressing well on the first phase of community facilities at Fleetwood Hospital.

Later this year ‘The Pantry’ will become the base for the Mustard Seed and the Fleetwood Foodbank, two local services that offer support to residents in need.

This week a large, new window has been fitted to the North Albert Street frontage, complete with it’s smart signage. There’s still plenty of work to do inside and out before The Pantry is ready and the services transfer over from their current bases but this is an important milestone.

Canon John Hall said, "It’s so incredible at my age to be excited about a window going in a building, but this is no ordinary building this is the beginning of the new phase for the old Fleetwood Hospital, it’s The Pantry!"

The Fleetwood Trust is transforming the largely vacant Hospital building into a community hub which will be made up of vibrant, sustainable spaces for residents to connect with each other and much-needed services.

The hub will empower local residents to improve their lives and act as a catalyst to a brighter future for the Town.

> Read more about the work of Faith In The Community and how they are supporting the Fleetwood Trust.

Below, images of the building before and after installation of the new window and the on-going interior work to prepare the new facility.


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