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There's no place like home for Frank

Frank Heald is one of our Trustees and has lived in Fleetwood or within a few miles of the Town all his life. Early school days were spent at Blakiston Street and after education that took in Baines Endowed in Thornton,  Rossall School and 3 years at Manchester University (gaining a degree in Metallurgy) he joined the family grocery business.

The image of Healds here was taken around 1970 The property is opposite the Library, now the arts & crafts store

Healds of Fleetwood was a small supermarket on North Albert Street on the tram track and, in those days, next door to the main Post Office. “We used to supply Wyre Trawlers with many boats catching Icelandic cod and I spent many days clambering over trawlers to deliver the victuals.”

Healds, was rebranded into the Day & Nite chain of around 100 convenience stores across the north of England was sold in 2000 and Frank founded Voiteq. This is a software company providing voice technology to warehouses and with offices in UK, France, Germany and the USA and a global reach for its solutions, Voiteq was also sold in 2018 but Frank isn’t one to put his feet up!

Away from work he played 1st and 2nd team cricket and was either Secretary or Treasurer for 10 years at Fleetwood Cricket & Sports Club.

“I have spent most of my time trying to make a difference in Fleetwood. My involvement with the Fleetwood Hospital project goes back to early 2017 and I have put a lot of time and energy into what became Fleetwood Trust and its objectives to create a community hub. The building will offer many different services, support and social activities to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of the community. A lot of time and money has gone into restoring the building and the project is now moving forward steadily in phases. Some areas of the building will come back to life in the next few months.”

Frank is also involved with other community projects and the initiative by Wyre Council to bid for £25m that will be used to transform areas of the town centre and create momentum for more positive change to follow.

“Outside of work I am blessed to be married a Karen, a wonderful intelligent lady and a great partner, between us we have accumulated 8 children and 10 grandchildren so life is busy, and wonderful.”

And a last word from Frank, “Fleetwood is my home town and this is where my heart is.”


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