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Trust Invites Community to Shape Plans of New Hub

Following an extensive 12-month programme of external repairs and refurbishment, the former Fleetwood Hospital building is now ready for internal development of a new Community Hub to begin.

Fleetwood Trust have confirmed development plans for the first area of the building, on the corner of North Albert Street and Pharos Street. It will create a new home for two of the Town's most invaluable social enterprises - Mustard Seed and Foodbank.

To help develop other areas of the building, the Trust are now inviting local people to come forward and join a new focus group led by Trustee Dr Mark Spencer. Together this group will identify the opportunities, services and facilities, forming a strategic plan for the new Community Hub.

Dr Mark Spencer said:

"Through their donations members of the community have helped us complete the first phase of the redevelopment. With this new focus group, we have an exciting opportunity to help realise the potential for the building with the vision for it to become an asset for the whole town."

The Trust has previously carried out a number of consultations. Through the creation of this new focus group the aim is for the engagement to move forward as a strategic plan which has been developed by the community.

Lord Tom McNally, Chairman of Fleetwood Trust added:

"I am delighted that Mark will be working with the community to develop the project. It is fantastic to see the community are at the heart of the project."

If you would like to join the new focus group to help develop the Community Hub, please email or call 01253 376200. Details on the first session will be provided once a focus group has been established.

Alternatively Fleetwood Trust will be at the Fleetwood Town Centre meeting at the Marine Hall on 3 December, please do come and let us know if you would like to be involved.


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