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Work resumes on The Pantry

Over the last week or two work has resumed on The Pantry at Fleetwood Hospital.

Originally the new facility for the Mustard Seed and Fleetwood foodbank would have been opening around now but of course that has been delayed during the lockdown.

If you are a fan of interior wall construction and electrical wiring, here's a few photos of the work in progress and the smart new roller-shutter door.

All being well The Pantry will open later this Summer and we'll post more updates as work continues.

Updated 19th June ...

With much of the internal wall structure now in place the plastering has begun in the last week, always a good stage in a project.

Here's a few more pics. Thanks to the guys working hard and safely on the site ... they were just having a well-earned tea-break when these were taken!


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